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SubjectPCI configuration changes
Looking at the latest drivers/net/ changes I noticed, that
two (modified earlier) lines are buggy:

dep_tristate ' 3c523 "EtherLink/MC" support' CONFIG_ELMC $CONFIG_MCA
dep_tristate ' 3c527 "EtherLink/MC 32" support (EXPERIMENTAL)' CONFIG_ELMC_II $CONFIG_MCA $CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL

Note, that as CONFIG_MCA is defined only for i386 the dependencies on
$CONFIG_MCA are no-op for other architectures (in Configure/Menuconfig).
Either CONFIG_MCA should be defined for all architectures or there should be
if ... fi around these lines.

BTW, is there any reason for not replacing

bool ' Other ISA cards' CONFIG_NET_ISA


dep_bool ' Other ISA cards' CONFIG_NET_ISA $CONFIG_ISA

to eliminate more drivers from non-ISA arch configs ?


Andrzej M. Krzysztofowicz
phone (48)(58) 347 14 61
Faculty of Applied Phys. & Math., Technical University of Gdansk
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