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SubjectRe: NatSemi CS5530 Sound Support
Matthew Carlisle wrote:
> Are there any plans to develop kernel sound driver support for the
> Cyrix/NatSemi CS5530 chipset? I noticed PCI and IDE support for this
> chipset in the kernel source, but nothing for the sound. I have a NatSemi
> Geode GXLV processor, NatSemi Geode CS5530 chipset, and the AC97 codec that
> NatSemi recommends (although I'm sure any one will do). So I can act as an
> alpha/beta/gamma/zappa tester! :)

Go register as a developer on National Semiconductor's website and you
can download the source to the native audio support for CS5530. However,
my understanding is that this driver will only work on system with BIOS
that support VSA2, so you may need to upgrade your BIOS first.

Chng Tiak-Jung
Cyberlab Singapore, Ericsson Research Tel: +65-880-8649
510 Thomson Road, #18-00 Fax: +65-256-2403
SLF Building, Singapore 298135
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