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SubjectRe: [prepatch] removal of oops->printk deadlocks

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, Andrew Morton wrote:

> [...] Problem is, we're getting some reported lockups in which we need
> to know what the other CPUs are doing (the other 1%). If a critical
> spinlock is stuck on, we don't get to type `dmesg'.

i know - but we cannot please everyone, so i went for the 99% :-)

> So... In this updated patch the console_silent() call remains
> as you designed it, but the nmi_watchdog kernel boot parameter has
> been overloaded so that
> nmi_watchdog=2
> will now cause _all_ NMI oops messages to be displayed on the console.
> Is this OK?

this collides with the UP-IOAPIC path's use of nmi_watchdog == 2 ...

i'd rather suggest a cleaner, "nmi_watchdog=2,verbose" (default: silent)
type of boot parameter, it looks like the NMI watchdog needs more


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