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SubjectRe: New bluesmoke patch available, implements MCE-without-MCA support
On 15 Nov 2000, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

>This implements support for MCE on chips which don't support MCA (in
>addition to enabling MCA for non-Intel chips, like Athlon, which
>supports MCA.)
>I would appreciate it if people who have chips with MCE but no MCA --
>this includes older AMD chips and some Cyrix chips at the very least
>-- would please be so kind and try this out.

I have a K6-III which announces MCE but not MCA, so I was going to
test this on that machine.

However, both the K6-III manual and the K6 BIOS guide state quite
clearly that the K6 family only has a "stub" MCE implementation.
The MCE capability is announced, there are two MCE-related MSRs,
and there is a CR4.MCE flag, but none of it actually _does_ anything.

The new CPU detection code should probably clear FEATURE_MCE for K6 CPUs.
(We might consider it an AMD bug, but in their defense, they do state
that the stub implementation was done for "compatibility" reasons.)

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