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SubjectRe: test11-pre5, Athlon, and Machine Check Architecture
Followup to:  <Pine.LNX.4.21.0011152107420.2791-100000@neo.local>
By author:
In newsgroup:
> > However, since at least AMD Athlon actually advertises MCA, I would
> > like to verify that the code works on these processors before
> > submitting it to Linus.
> The Athlon MCA is basically the same architecture-wise as Pentium Pro/II
> But there are some differences.. Until AMD make document 21656 (BIOS
> writers guide) public (or even a subset of it), we'll not be able to take
> advantage of these extra features.
> I'd suggest that until this happens, we leave bluesmoke.c Intel only.

That's completely the wrong way to look at it. AMD are certainly free
to add features, what they aren't free to do is making code that
expects the documented behaviour fail -- and if so, it's their bug. I
have so far gotten no indication that that is the case; the only thing
I have gotten so far is a positive report that it at least doesn't do
the wrong thing in the no-#MF case.

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