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SubjectRE: KPATCH] Reserve VM for root (was: Re: Looking for better VM)

>I've also never said OOM killer should be disabled. In theory the
>non-overcommitting systems deadlock, Linux survives. Ironically
>usually it's just the opposite in practice. Any user can
>deadlock/crash Linux [default install, no quotas] but not an
>non-overcommitting system [root can clean up]. Here is an example code
>"simulating" a leaking daemon that will "deadlock" Linux even with
>your OOM killer patch [that is anyway *MUCH* better than the actually
>non-existing one in 2.2.x kernels]:
>main() { while(1) if (fork()) malloc(1); }
>With the patch below I could ssh to the host and killall the offending
>processes. To enable reserving VM space for root do

what about main() { while(1) system("ftp localhost &"); }

This. or so,ething similar should allow you to kill your machine even with your
patch from normal user account


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