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SubjectBUG: isofs broken (2.2 and 2.4)

both 2.2.x and 2.4.x kernels can't read `real sky' CDs from the
Space Telescope Science Institute containing lotsof directories (~100)
which each contain lots of small files (~700 files/dir). only ~10 directories
with ~10 files each are displayed, all the other files/diretories can't be
accessed. the kernel gives the following message:

next_offset (212) > bufsize (200)

and with 2.2.x kernels I additionally get

Invalid session number or type of track

at mount time (that's the 2nd instance of this message, i == -22 (RTFS)).

you can find an isofs image for testing (only directory part, no real data,
compressed ~620kb) on

any idea/patch/fix ?



PS: I'm not subscribed to linux-kernel right now, so please
reply directly using Cc:. thanks!
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