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SubjectRe: IDE0 /dev/hda performance hit in 2217 on my HW

[Linda Walsh]
> Under 2217, the xfer speed drops to near 1,000K/s. This is for both
> 'badblocks'
> and a 'dd' if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb bs=256k. In both instances, I notice
> a near 90% performance degredation.

Off the top of my head it sounds like you are using the wrong ide i/o
mode. Your hardware probably supports UDMA66 but you are getting one
of the old PIO modes by default. What chipset does the Inspiron 7500
use? (Probably Intel something. Dell loves Intel.)

A short session with 'hdparm' will confirm or refute this theory.

Andre Hedrick's IDE patch reportedly does a much better job of
supporting and auto-configuring modern chipsets than vanilla 2.2.


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