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SubjectRe: Used space in bytes
On 14 Nov 00 at 18:39, Jan Kara wrote:
> Hello.
> > On 9 Nov 00 at 19:18, Jan Kara wrote:
> > > used (I tried to contact Ulrich Drepper <> who should
> > > be right person to ask about such things (at least I was said so) but go
> > > no answer...). Does anybody have any better solution?
> > > I know about two others - really ugly ones:
> > > 1) fs specific ioctl()
> > > 2) compute needed number of bytes from st_size and st_blocks, which is
> > > currently possible but won't be in future
> >
> > If I may, please do not add it into stat/stat64 structure. On Netware,
> > computing really used space can take eons because of it has to read
> > allocation tables to memory to find size. It is usually about 500%
> > slower than retrieving all other file informations.
> And how do you fill in st_blocks field?

Currently as st_size / st_blksize. If I'll want to report real used size,
so that quotas could be built on the top of Netware space restrictions,
Netware is willing to return size in its allocation blocks after holes
and compression takes place, but while computation time is afforable for
open(), it is not for stat()ing thousands of entries in directories.
Best regards,
Petr Vandrovec

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