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SubjectRE: /proc tweaking
on Tue, 14 Nov 2000 Arjan van de Ven wrote:
>In article <> you wrote:
>> Hey people, i`ve got such a thought
>> not long ago:
>> all boxes are different, but the /proc/sys/vm
>> defaults are equal for every people, so there
>> is a good issue in getting more performance
>> from linux, just by making a way to autoadjust
>> these mysterious values according to amount of
>> RAM/swap and speed of CPU! Or this can be >done
>> in userspace with an utility which look also
>> on the field of box` use (eg workstation, >>server etc...)
>> But who can make this better than the >>people who hack the kernel?
>> And i wonder why such a issue is not >>clearly covered? (maybe
>>i`m making mistake?)
>> This can also be done for >>proc/sys/net/*...
>Take a look at powertweak. >
>Made by kernel people, for non-kernel people.

Maybe i were not enough exact, but i`ve meant
addition of some intelligence to tweaking /proc
e.g. something what automates tuning, not only
providing interface to such actions.
But after lookthru ptweaks source i realized
what its ONLY interface (to proc), and MAYBE
it does some PCI tuning (really intelligent
choices to advance system`s performance).
BTW powertweak is a port from unfamous MD,
therefore when it was created NO proc tuning
was in mind...

There is another argument, telling what doing autotune is ugly by design.... but thats another issue.

Sorry for poor english/lameness

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