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SubjectRe: Oops with 2.4.0-test10 during ripping an audio cd with cdda2wav
On Saturday 11 November 2000 05:18, you wrote:

Hi Jens,

(Sorry for the delay)
> This looks like cdrom.c:mmc_ioctl, CDROMREADAUDIO, kmalloc'ing too
> much memory, which triggers the BUG() in slab.c. I'm not quite sure
> how this is happening though, unless cdda2wav sets a negative ra.nframes
> (a quick browse on a version I have here shows it does not, maybe you
> have a different version).
> Is it reproducable? If so, could you try with this patch?
Yes, it is. But unfortunately I cannot apply your patch. A --dry-run
gave no errors, but when I really patched 2.4.0-test10, it came to
some weird error message (patch tells me, that some files are
already patched???). [Why not 2.4.0-test11p2? I use this machine
for some numerical calculations which take long time runs and
they are at the moment not restartable after a break. For this reasons
I do not prefer pre-kernels (but I use the 2.4.0-beta series because
it is more stable for my hardware than the 2.2-series).]

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