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Subject[patch] CONFIG_SOUND_MAD16 help

The mentioned file drivers/sound/README.C931 doesn't exist.
Is the README file somewhere else?

Pavel Rabel

--- Tue Nov 14 16:49:34 2000
+++ Tue Nov 14 16:52:08 2000
@@ -14045,8 +14045,7 @@
Support for OPTi MAD16 and/or Mozart based cards
Answer Y if your card has a Mozart (OAK OTI-601) or MAD16 (OPTi
- 82C928 or 82C929 or 82C931) audio interface chip. For the 82C931,
- please read drivers/sound/README.C931. These chips are currently
+ 82C928 or 82C929 or 82C931) audio interface chip. These chips are
quite common so it's possible that many no-name cards have one of
them. In addition the MAD16 chip is used in some cards made by known
manufacturers such as Turtle Beach (Tropez), Reveal (some models)
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