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SubjectRe: Advanced Linux Kernel/Enterprise Linux Kernel
Michael Rothwell writes:

> 1) Convenient remote terminal use.
> Telnet, ssh, X windows, rsh, vnc, "screen," ethernet,
> serial, etc. I think we have this one.

Nope: /dev/audio, /dev/cdrom, /dev/floppy, fonts, etc.

Also one would want a local window manager for performance,
but this tends to interfere with starting apps on the other

> 4) A high reliability internal file system.

Now we want it distributed, with version control, with
mirroring onto N of M machines and migration toward usage...

> 5) Support for selective information sharing.
> Linux has a rather poor security model -- the Unix one.
> It needs ACLs no only on filesystem objects, but on other
> OS features as well; such as the ability to use network
> interfaces, packet types, display ACLs, console ACLs, etc.

It would have been nice to have just put 2 entries right
in the inode years ago. With the KISS method, we'd be using
ACLs right now. Even just a list of UIDs that would share
permission bits with the file's GID would be very useful.
I just want to share a file with one other person!
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