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SubjectParport/IMM/Zip Oops Revisited -- Filesys problem? Viro please look
James M wrote:

Was just trying to find out why I can mount in 11pre1 and 11pre2 when
Gert can't mount at all, so I removed my VFAT factory formatted zipdisk
and put in an Ext2 formatted one.....**BOOM**

Al, my original oops report is here:

Summary: Test10 is broken for both filesystems (sick of fsck'n-not
11pre1-pre2 work for VFAT broken for EXT2
11pre3 is broken for both filesystems

Anything you want me to try just let me know, I've already been
through about 100 fscks, a few more won't hurt.
BTW I have a list of 23 common non-obvious files that changed in
test10/11pre1 and 11pre2/pre3, say the word and I'll mail the list.

James M.

--30 Gig of fsck sucks--
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