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SubjectRe: Advanced Linux Kernel/Enterprise Linux Kernel
On Tuesday 14 November 2000 03:43 pm, Steve VanDevender wrote:

>Marty Fouts writes:
> > Actually, you have the sequence of events slightly out of order.
> > AT&T, specifically Bell Labs, was one of the participants in the
> > program that would develop Multics. AT&T opted out of the
> > program, for various reasons, but it continued apace. The PDP-8
> > of fame was one that, according to Thompson, happened to be
> > available and unused.
>The original system on which UNIX development started was not a
> PDP-8, but a PDP-7. The earliest UNIX was also written in
> assembler. Thompson and Ritchie developed C as a higher-level
> implementation language during the process of porting UNIX from the
> PDP-7 to the PDP-11.

I haven't seen anybody point at this URL

where you can read about early Unix story from the horse's mouth
himself. The paper is 20 years old, but still full of very tasty
tidbits. Browse around and you'll find many more interesting goodies.
In particular, if you want to know the story of how C came to be, as
told by its creator, try this URL

Take it from somebody who has been hacking all sorts of Unix and
Unix-like kernels for the last 25 years: Those who don't know Unix
history are doomed to reimplement it badly.
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