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Subjectnewbie, 2.4.0 on Asus CUSL2 (Intel 815E chipset with onboard vide o)
Thanks for the prior help on getting the kernel to compile; real newbie
mistake of not finding the right options in the "make menuconfig" screens.

I can now compile 2.4.0-test, but it hangs on the first line of loading.

-- I have tried 2.4.0-test10 and 2.4.0-test11-pre4
-- If I only do my network adapter, it compiles and boots fine. It is when
I add my desired settings (via "make menuconfig") for video support that the
compiled kernel hangs at system boot.

I have documented the exact procedure I use to compile the kernel at:

Help from other CUSL2 owners (or Intel 815E chipset) appreciated. Feel
free to keep replies off the main list, as this may be a training issue more
than a kernel one :)

Stephen Gutknecht
Renton, Washington
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