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SubjectRE: intel etherpro100 on 2.2.18p21 vs 2.2.18p17
At 12:15 PM 11/11/2000, wrote:
>We have the SUPER 370DL3 SuperMicro boards w/ the integrated Intel NIC,
>unfortunately a warm boot does not help. The problem also seems to happen
>when I turn on the alias ip feature in the kernel under network options.
>On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, Allen, David B wrote:
> > FWIW, I have a dual-proc SuperMicro motherboard P3DM3 with integrated
> > Adaptec SCSI and Intel 8255x built-in NIC.
> >
> > Sometimes on a cold boot I get the "kernel: eth0: card reports no RX
> > buffers" that repeats, but if I follow it with a warm boot the message
> > doesn't appear (even on subsequent warm boots). So this is definitely
> > reproducible, but it doesn't happen every time.
> >
> > I can't offer much more than that, but at least you know you're not the
> only
> > one experiencing this.
> >

There is a flaw in the eepro100 driver that apparently doesnt initialise
something properly. The problem is exasperated by the fact that the
eepro100 driver doesn handle the buffer problem properly. We've corrected
it by (effectively) resetting the card (by calling close and then open)
when the first out of resources event occurs. Its not elegant, but it seems
to work.

We have identical hardware with dual boot disks (linux and freebsd) and the
problem only occurs with linux, and it only seems to occur with linux. Of
course on the DLE supermicro boards FreeBSD complains about an unsupport
PHY, so there is no joy in mudville no matter what you do :-)


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