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SubjectRe: Patch(?): linux-2.4.0-test11-pre4/drivers/sound/yss225.c compilefailure
Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Adam J. Richter wrote:
> > linux-2.4.0-test11-pre4/drivers/sound/yss225.c uses __initdata
> > but does not include <linux/init.h>, so it could not compile. I have
> > attached below.
> >
> > Note that I am a bit uncertain about the correctness of
> > the __initdata prefix here in the first place. Is yss225 a PCI
> > device? If so, a kernel that supports PCI hot plugging should
> > be prepared to support the possibility of a hot pluggable yss225
> > card being inserted after the module has already been initialized.
> > Even if no CardBus or CompactPCI version of yss225 hardware exists
> > yet, it will require less maintenance for PCI drivers to be prepared
> > for this possibility from the outset (besides, is it possible to have a
> > hot pluggable PCI bridge card that bridges to a regular PCI bus?).
> Good question....

Please err on the conservative side -- IMHO you shouldn't mark a driver
as hotpluggable (by using the '__dev' prefix) unless you know it is

Otherwise, you rob CONFIG_HOTPLUG people of some memory that could
otherwise be freed at boot. And the number of CONFIG_HOTPLUG people is
not small, it includes not only the CardBus users but USB users too...


Jeff Garzik |
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