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SubjectRe: [PATCH] CONFIG_EISA note in Documentation/
Andries Brouwer wrote:
> However, CONFIG_EISA is almost completely superfluous, is not
> required at compile time, can easily be tested at run time,
> in other words adding such an option is a very stupid thing to do.

Each driver's entry in should be dependent on its
CONFIG_{ISA,EISA,PCI,SBUS,...} defines that indicate what buses are
defined on this particular architecture. Eventually, DaveM and other
Sparc users will be able to directly source drivers/net/, and
be presented with the correct list of net drivers given their selected
bus(es). Ditto for ARM. Ditto for x86. Etc.

Disabling code by making global var 'EISA_bus' unconditionally zero was
just an added bonus. Helps a tiny bit with embedded platforms.

> [Steven, you understand that I would have written under CONFIG_EISA:
> say Y here - there is never any reason to say N, unless there exists
> hardware where the canonical probing hangs the machine.]

Agreed, for the most part. If you know for sure you don't have an EISA
machine, you can now disable CONFIG_EISA. IMHO ideally one should be
able to eliminate code that is useless on all but a small subset of
working machines.


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