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SubjectRE: State of Posix compliance in v2.2/v2.4 kernel?

> wrote:
> > Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I've searched the archives for this list
> > ( and only
> come with references
> > from 1996!
> >
> > What is the state of Posix-compliant services (threads,
> semaphores, timers,
> > etc.) in the current (v2.2/v2.4) Linux kernels?
> IMHO this is a question better asked of glibc people, not
> kernel people.
> The kernel does its best to facilitate POSIX compliances, but in some
> cases the kernel developers have said "POSIX is braindead here!" and
> solved a particular problem in a non-POSIX way. [and leaves glibc to
> pick up the pieces, and enforce POSIX compliancy]
> Also, from what I've seen lately on IRC and lkml, the Single Unix
> Specification ("SuS") is generally held in higher regard than
> POSIX; and
> when spec questions arise, kernel developers tend to check SuS before
> POSIX (if POSIX is checked at all).
> Jeff

and there's some useful info about libc, threads, etc.,
at the Linux Standard Base CVS (
plus its project page + CVS links).


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