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SubjectRe: State of Posix compliance in v2.2/v2.4 kernel?
Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> Well, it does not do its best. There are several areas where kernel should
> help, things like POSIX semaphores would be much faster with kernel support,
> likewise threads if some things Ulrich stated here a couple of months
> ago were done in the kernel,

Would it be reasonable to have these needs documented in a central
location, with patches attached where possible?

Making people other than Linus aware of the technical issues can only
benefit the cause of POSIX compliancy, IMHO...

> POSIX message queue passing is not doable in
> userland without kernel help either (I have a message queue filesystem
> kernel patch for this, but it is a 2.5 thing).

If its small and standalone and doesn't touch existing infrastructure...



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