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SubjectRe: Dual XEON - >>SLOW<< on SMP
On Sun, Nov 12, 2000 at 11:22:02PM -0700, "Jeff V. Merkey" <> wrote:
> I can go and get the text from our discussion, and I distinctly remember
> your answer to this question on PII and you said "lots". This was also a

Well, my mail certainly contained the words "lot" (not "lots") and "PII",
but certainly not in the same sentence and certainly not refering to each
other and certainly not in refering to syscalls, and I am totally puzzled
of why you are keep claiming this in public (you can't even quote my name

Could you please stop lying and hopefully apologize for abusing my name in
public for claiming wrong things I never said and abstain from doing so in
the future?

And please keep this off-list from now on.

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