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SubjectRe: [PATCH] pcmcia event thread. (fwd)
On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Jeff Garzik wrote:

> It's purposefully not on Ted's critical list, the official line is "use
> pcmcia_cs external package" if you need i82365 or tcic instead of yenta
> AFAIK. However... fixing things and being able to support all pcmcia
> and cardbus adapters would be wonderful.
> drivers/pcmcia/
> > #tristate 'PCMCIA/CardBus support' CONFIG_PCMCIA
> > #if [ "$CONFIG_PCMCIA" != "n" ]; then
> > # if [ "$CONFIG_PCI" != "n" ]; then
> > # bool ' CardBus support' CONFIG_CARDBUS
> > # fi
> > # bool ' i82365 compatible bridge support' CONFIG_I82365
> > # bool ' Databook TCIC host bridge support' CONFIG_TCIC
> > #fi

Ok, well the patch I've just submitted _ought_ to fix stuff, and certainly
works with my own socket drivers for an embedded board I'm working on.

I have an i82365 eval board kicking around somewhere. I'll see if I can
dig it out tomorrow and verify that it now works, and then perhaps we can
consider re-enabling the config options.

I may add code to handle non-CardBus PCI->PCMCIA i82365 devices again
while I'm at it - because I disapprove of having to specify
"i365_base=0xc800 cs_irq=17" for a PCI card.


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