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SubjectAdvanced Linux Kernel/Enterprise Linux Kernel
This subject came up in the Generalized Kernel Hooks Interface thread, since it
is an area of interest to me I wanted to continue that conversation.

While I do not think it would be productive to enter a discussion whether there
is a need to fork the kernel to add features that would be beneficial to
mission/business critical applications, I am curious as to what are the features
that people consider important to have. By mission critical I mean systems that
if not functional bring a business to a halt, while by business critical I mean
systems that affect a division of a business.

Another problem is how people define Enterprise Systems. Many base it on the
definitions that go back to S390 systems, others in the context of the 24/7
nature of the internet. That would also be a healthy discussion to have.

At Oracle we are primarily interested on I/O subsystem features and memory
management. (For anyone that knows anything about Oracle this should not come
as a surprise, although I am pretty sure that any database vendor/developer
would be interested on those features as well.)


Josue Emmanuel Amaro
Linux Products Manager
Intel and Linux Technologies Group

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org:Intel and Linux Technologies
title:Sr.Product Manager - Linux
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fn:Josue Emmanuel Amaro
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