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Subject[PATCH] CONFIG_EISA note in Documentation/
I noticed there was no help section for CONFIG_EISA in
Here is a micro patch. Hope this is not "really superfluous" this time.


diff -urN linux/Documentation/
--- linux/Documentation/ Sat Nov 11 21:41:55 2000
+++ linux/Documentation/ Mon Nov 13 16:53:45 2000
@@ -2482,6 +2482,20 @@
Documentation/mca.txt (and especially the web page given there)
before attempting to build an MCA bus kernel.

+EISA support
+ The Extended Industry Standard Architecture (EISA) bus was
+ developed as an open alternative to the IBM MicroChannel bus.
+ The EISA bus provided some of the features of the IBM MicroChannel
+ bus while maintaining backward compatibility with cards made for
+ the older ISA bus. The EISA bus saw limited use between 1988 and 1995
+ when it was made obsolete by the PCI bus.
+ Say Y here if you are building a kernel for an EISA-based machine.
+ Otherwise, say N.
SGI Visual Workstation support
The SGI Visual Workstation series is an IA32-based workstation
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