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SubjectRe: sound problems caused by masking irq for too long
On Sun, 12 Nov 2000, Alexander V. Lukyanov wrote:

> Hi!
> In some cases sound gets interrupted for a moment, this happens in two
> occasions. When unmaskirq flag is off on ide cdrom and it is accessed,
> and when tdfxfb console (800x600) flashes (tput flash, or `set bell-style
> visible' in .inputrc).
> It seems the problem is caused by masking irq for too long, and then
> the sound dma buffer underruns. This is fixed by unmasking irq for ide
> cdrom by `hdparm -u1 /dev/cdrom', and by changing spin_(un)lock_irq
> in console.c to spin_(un)lock_bh.
> This was observed on 2.4.0-pre10, the problem with ide also exists on
> 2.2.17, the console.c in 2.2.17 only disables CONSOLE_BH.

The above story also explains why my sound 'hickups' when I switch from
console to X (yes, and I do that a lot).

Is this a recent change from 2.2.15 -> >= 2.2.16 or so ?

> The audio card is old awe32 (isa), sound driver is modular.

This is a SB16 PnP


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