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SubjectRe: Missing ACKs with Linux 2.2/2.4?

> The probability of just exactly the zero packet hitting you is very small.

... long laughter ...

Andi, I see you are not very strong in methematics. 8)
Timestamp is not a random number, so that probability of PAWS failure
does not depend on restricting it at all. The only thing which can help
to reduce probability is dropping all tpacket with ts_val==0
or shutting down your machine while time of your peers passes through zero. 8)

BTW I looked to netbsd and certainly did not find any signs of said by you.
They drop packet with ts_val before ts_recent, even if ts_val is zero.

They really have bug, considering zero value of ts_recent as invalid one.
This make PAWS something absolutely useless. 8)


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