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SubjectRe: Problems with NFS in 2.4test10
> Ingo, do you have a BP6?  Make sure you have the latest BIOS for your
> motherboard, there have been many BIOS updates for some dual-Celeron
> motherboards.

I have to admit that I'm not sure what kind of dual board I got
(i have to have a closer look).
The reason is that this board is orgiginally for dual Pentium IIs.
I got two Celerons (in S370 format), and use two modified
MSI S370-to-Slot1 adaptor (aehm I hope I got this right)
cards to make the Celerons multiprocessor enabled.

I still think it is an 2.4test10 kernel issue, because
my machine won't crash (as far as I can tell) if I use

(Am I correct that 2.4test10 is a lot more fine granular threaded
in the kernel than 2.2.17 ?
If this is true I suspect that there is some kind of
race/deadlock situtation in the NFS code...

so long

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