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SubjectRe: [patch] nfsd optimizations for test10
On Friday November 10, wrote:
> Hi,
> I made some optimizations on racache in nfsd in test10. The idea is to
> replace with existing fixed length table for readahead cache in NFSD with a
> hash table.
> The old racache is essentially ineffective in dealing with large # of
> files, and yet eats CPU cycles in scanning the table (even though the table
> is small),
> the hash table-based is much more effective and fast. I have generated the
> patch for test10 and tested it.
> (See attached file: nfshdiff)(See attached file: nfsdiff)
> Ying

Thanks for this.
A couple of questions and comments:

1/ Do you have any stats showing what sort of speedup this gives -
I'm curious.

2/ Was there a particular reason that you didn't use the
list structures for the hash and lru chains? If not, I suggest
that doing so would be a good idea. It should make the code
clearer and more in-keeping with other code in the kernel.

3/ It is easiest for (many of) us if you just include the patch
in-line in your email messages rather than as an attachment. You
can then be sure that EVERY mail reader can display it
effectively, and Linus has said a number of times that he doesn't
like attachments.
3a/ If you or your mailer insists on using attachments, please make
sure that the mime-type of the attachment is correct - text/plain,
not applications/x-unknown. Again, that makes it a lot easier to
read your patch.

4/ I doubt that this is significant enough to go in before 2.4.0-final now,
but it probably has a reasonable chance of getting in shortly

knfsd maintainer.
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