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SubjectUSB mouse stops working
Hi, ...

the following problem is not a new one (for me):

I'm using an SMP system. Everything works fine and (absolutely) stable -
exept my USB mouse :-( It's the USB version of the Wacom Graphire tablet. The
mouse works great for some minutes or up to half an hour and it generates a
lot of interrupts during this time ... And now the mouse stops working. No
interrupt is generated. The USB printer does not work any more. Unloading and
reloading of the USB related modules does not help :-( No interrupts are
registered for USB (seen in /proc/interrupts).

I think it's not a problem of the wacom driver only, the USB is compleatly
blocked. In the past I had a lot of SMP related interrupt problems in other
kernel modules (e.g in the hisax). But this problems have gone away during
the last kernel releases. The USB problem is the last one for me in the 2.4
kernel ... :-)


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