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SubjectRe: threads
On Fri, Nov 10, 2000 at 08:33:29PM +0530, M.Kiran Babu wrote:
> sir,
> i got some doubts in kernel
> programming. i am using linux 6.1 version. i want to use threads in

Linux kernel versions are now running up to 2.4.0*, what is
that 6.1 ? Some distribution ? Which ?
Which kernel version you are referring into ?

> it possible to use pthreads in kernel. there is one more
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ NO.
> function kernel_thread.
> can i use that function.

#include <asm/processor.h>

extern pid_t kernel_thread(int (*fn)(void *), void * arg,
unsigned long flags);

> if i use that function how to get synchonization.

With mutexes, waitqueues, or spinlocks.
All kernel facilities.

> inmany files it was used. but everywhere lock_kernel() and unlock_kernel()
> functions are being used. if we use that commands the whole kernel gets
> locked.

Really ? Who says you need to lock_kernel() for starting
a kernel thread ?

> is there any other mechanisms. or can i use that methods only.
> if i can use these methods what is the syntax of kernel_thread function.
> the arguments that are passing to these function are 3.
> i dont know what are those three. please tell me.

Pick 2.4.0 sources, open them up.

Then do: "make psdocs" or "make pdfdocs" or "make htmldocs"
and you get up documents from within the system into your
source location Documentation/DocBook/ subdirectory.

You propably want to study kernel-hacking, kernel-locking,
and kernel-api documents.

(Your system needs to have DocBook, related SGML tools, and
(for PS/PDF) (La)TeX subsystem.)

/Matti Aarnio
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