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SubjectRe: PCI-PCI bridges mess in 2.4.x
On Fri, Nov 10, 2000 at 07:35:41PM +0100, Gerard Roudier wrote:
> I only have spec 1.0 on paper. I should have checked 1.1. Anyway, it may
> still exist bridges that have been designed prior to spec. 1.1.

Yes, DEC 2105x bridges, for example.

The only update listed in revision history is "Update to include
target initial latency requirements", so this (base > limit) stuff
must be in rev. 1.0 as well. Please check chapters 3.2.5.[6,8,9].

> > I/O is slightly different because it's optional for the bridge -
> > but if it's implemented same rules apply.
> Will also check the spec. on this point. :)

Also, according the spec, we need some paranoia checks ;-)
1. check if the bridge has an I/O window not implemented
2. if the bridge has regular BARs, allocate them properly
on the primary bus.

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