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SubjectRe: [PATCH] document ECN in 2.4

> > > > with the TCP ECN_ECHO and CWR flags set, to indicate
> > > > ECN-capability, then the sender should send its second
> > > > SYN packet without these flags set. This is because
> > >
> > > Now that is nice. The end user perceived effect is that folks with faulty
> > > firewalls have horrible slow web sites with a 3 or 4 second wait for each
> > > page. The perfect incentive. If only someone could do the same to path mtu
> > > discovery incompetents.
> >
> > And it penalizes good guys.
> > If the host cannot answer to the first SYN for some legitimate reason
> > then it'll never be able to use ECN.
> It could be a good idea to retry as normal with ECN set; iff that fails
> (so the user would normally see an error connecting) try again with
> ECN clear. This way, ECN-capable hosts will only see non-ECN
> connections under circumstances where the connection would
> otherwise have failed completely.

Hmm, so you want to wait 5 minutes for your TCP connection? TCP
retries for _long_ time.

I do not think that's such a good idea.
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