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SubjectRe: compiling 2.4.0-test10 kernel
At 18:25 10/11/2000, Georg Nikodym wrote:
>OK, but I guess my question wasn't very clear. I have a kernel tree,
>I add a printk to maestro.c and make modules. I cannot load the
>module until I rebuild and reinstall everything. Is there a way to
>avoid this headache, or, stated differently: What's the prescribed
>way to be able to load, unload, build, test modules?

I do the following when I am working on the NTFS driver:

1st: make mrproper && make menuconfig && make dep && make bzImage && make
modules && make modules_install
2nd: install new kernel, lilo, reboot into new kernel
3rd: edit the <mymodule>'s source.
4th: make modules && make modules_install && depmod -a && rmmod <mymodule>
&& modprobe <mymodule>
5th: do testing I wanted to do.
6th go to 3rd step and repeat until satisfied with result.

[NB. Obviously replacing <mymodule> with the module name of whatever I am
looking at.
NB. I have put this in a few convenience scripts...]

This procedure works fine, or at least it does so for all modules I have
tried it with (which isn't many, since I only keep NTFS, md and linear as



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