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one of the productions server has crashed about 62 day's ago. on a 2.2.16
kernel At that time i consider it a random thing. But the old test server
running the same kernel has crashed a week ago. The weard part is there both
sparc netra and both crashed at 64 day's uptime

some inspections of old log's on 2 other machines at home which both recently
crashed. Both up , you already guest it, 64 day's.

the only thing in commen for the machines:
i know the root password
i installed the machine
running kernel 2.2.16
running redhat 6.2 ( sparc and i386 )
there's nothing in the logs

i hope this is helpfull especialy because i don't have any oops and the machine
configurations are s different it's hard to find simularities

any information is available from mail

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