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SubjectRe: Where is it written?
Followup to:  <>
By author: "Albert D. Cahalan" <>
In newsgroup:
> Gee that looks old. Might there be better calling conventions
> for the Pentium 4 or Athlon? Memory latency, vector registers,
> and more direct access to floating-point registers may mean
> we ought to change the calling conventions. One would start
> with the kernel of course, because it stands alone.

The main win would be passing arguments in registers -- at least three
such registers could be used (%eax, %edx, %ecx) without increasing
register pressure. Doing this for nonvaradic functions probably would
be a win. Similarly, floating-point arguments and SSE arguments could
be passed in registers, and _Bool output (a C99 feature) could at
least theoretically be returned in a flag.

<> at work, <> in private!
"Unix gives you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot."
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