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SubjectLooking for better 2.2-based VM (do_try_to_free_pages fails, machine hangs)

Using a 2.2.17 kernel I often experience problems where I get messages like
"VM: do_try_to_free_pages failed for <some process>", and the machine hangs
until the VM can recover, which sometimes takes too long for me to wait. I
suppose that the problem is similar sometimes when I get a frozen system
under X, but can't see the kernel messages then.

Yesterday I could reproduce this at will, with a "make -j50" on 2.2.17
sources (as unpriviledged user). In less than half an our syslogd stopped
to log anything (at 00:38), and this morning I could only see those messages
trying to free pages for (or from ?) wwwoffled. Last load see by "top" on
another VC was ~74.

Have some work been done for 2.2.18 that could help me ? Are there some
2.2-based VM patches that could help (I found the VM-global patch from
Andrea but have no info about what it is, and could not find 2.2-based
patches on Rik's pages) ?

Also I can't be sure for now I don't run into a hw problem...

I'm willing to investigate, but clearly lack experience in the VM...

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