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SubjectRe: New Membership

<base href="">

<P align=center><FONT color=#0000ff size=5><STRONG>Discount Offshore
<P align=center>&nbsp;</P>
<P align=center><FONT color=#999999 size=2><STRONG>Trade in the privacy of your own
home or office from anywhere in the world via the
<P align=center><FONT size=2><FONT color=#999999><STRONG><FONT color=#999999><STRONG>10
to 1 Margin </STRONG></FONT><FONT color=#999999><STRONG>&nbsp;$50,000.00 allows
you to trade $500,000.00 with no interest...</STRONG></FONT>
<P align=center><FONT color=#999999 size=2><STRONG>Tax Free Secure Bahamian
Account&nbsp;&nbsp;with an International Visa/Debit card...</STRONG></FONT></P>
<P align=center><FONT size=2><FONT color=#999999><STRONG><FONT
color=#999999><STRONG><FONT color=#999999><STRONG><FONT
color=#999999><STRONG><FONT color=#999999><STRONG>Free Real Time Software-Quotes
with Instant
<P align=center><FONT color=#999999><STRONG><FONT color=#999999><STRONG><FONT
color=#999999 size=2><STRONG>Offshore Banking, Offshore Trading, Offshore
<P align=center><FONT color=#999999 size=2><STRONG>Complete Privacy and Asset
<P align=center>&nbsp;</P>
<P align=center><FONT size=5><FONT color=#0000ff><STRONG><FONT size=3>Start
Protecting you assets and investments today... </FONT><FONT size=4>
<a href="">CLICK HERE</a></FONT></STRONG></FONT></FONT></P>
<P align=center>&nbsp;</P>
<P align=center><FONT
size=1>======================================<BR>We support the email bill <FONT color=#0000ff><a href="">HR 3113</a>
</FONT>passed by the 106th Congress and have gone to great lengths to
insure that you are removed from further solicitations upon your request.&nbsp; To
be removed from our mailing list&nbsp;please <FONT color=#0000ff><A href="">Click
Here.</A>&nbsp;</FONT> Type the word 'remove' in the subject line please.


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