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SubjectRe: test10 dies very early in boot
john slee writes:
> * abit be6-2 mainboard
> * 533 celeron (not overclocked)
> * 192mb sdram
> * seagate 20gb ide disk (not on ata66 port)
>compiler: gcc version 2.95.2 20000220 (Debian GNU/Linux)
>it gets as far as uncompressing the kernel and trying to boot it. no
>further. (doesn't get as far as displaying the 'Linux version ...'
>message). sysrq doesn't work (not suprising), ctrl-alt-delete doesn't
>work either. reset button does work :-)

Um, I had the same problem with the kernel when I first downloaded it to try it out.
I was stumped for a while, turning of a number of features in the kernel,
before I figured it out. You need to switch the processor type the kernel is compiled
for from "P-III" to whatever is apropriate for your Celeron (I used a P-II, which
is basically the same instruction set as Celeron in Linux's view).

I didn't look at the source, but I bet early on the kernel tries to execute a P-III
instruction when compiled for P-III, and the P-II or Celeron gets confused and shuts down.

Once I compiled with P-II, kernel booted A-OK to multiuser :-)

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