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SubjectRe: Broadcast
On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Richard B. Johnson wrote:

> > I'm trying to turn of the broadcast flag for a network card. But I
> > can't, why??
> Your version of `ifconfig` is probably broken (just like mine).
> `strace` it and see:
> ioctl(5, SIOCGIFFLAGS, 0xbffff620) = 0
> ioctl(5, SIOCSIFFLAGS, 0xbffff620) = 0
> In this case the flags were gotten with SIOCGIFFLAGS, then the
> exact same stuff was written back with SIOCSIFFLAGS.

IFF_BROADCAST is bit number 1 (that is 0x2). So in this case it indicates
that the broadcast bit is not set before and not set after. But why do I
see BROADCAST listed when i do "ifconfig eth1" then. This bit should be

Right now I'm a bit confused. There is something strange going on here
that I don't understand.


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