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    SubjectRe: test10-pre7

    > I would tend to agree with Linus on that. If that's truly what
    > you're doing, it would be rather nonobvious.

    Well, ok, opinion vs. opinion. The thing is, userspace code almost
    *never* needs to care about link order -- and, not counting boot loader
    magic, kernel code didn't care about it either until 2.3.16 or so
    (debut of __initcall). The reason link order suddenly became an issue
    is that people started cutting out explicit lists of init code like
    net/Space.c and relying on ld. All in all that was a Good Thing -- it
    made code more modular, etc.

    My point here is that in most of the world, people are not accustomed
    to caring about link order. So I don't see why it's seen as such a
    horrible thing to now say "ok link order is once again something you
    ideally should not care about, *but* if there's a really good reason
    otherwise, add your entry to LINK_FIRST." Because the link-order-
    *does*-matter paradigm is less than a year old, here.

    > But the question, perhaps, is when does ordering matter. I'm a
    > little concerned about things highly dependent on link ordering.

    Agreed. And that is another point: we (Keith, Michael and I wrote all
    this expecting link order to usually *not* matter -- LINK_FIRST was
    just to cover corner cases. Then we get Linus back saying the whole
    drivers/scsi/ must be ordered *just so* (presumably so people don't
    have to use boot flags for their multiple scsi host adapters) which is
    either an unproven claim or, since it's Linus, a fiat. (Which is OK,
    don't get me wrong, better him than me making these decisions!)

    And as for "rather nonobvious" -- it's not as if our stuff isn't
    documented, at least. Keith's patch includes several paragraphs added
    to Documentation/kbuild/makefiles.txt, a file every kernel developer
    should read anyway so that they know how to write correct makefiles.

    Oh well. Life goes on. We can do fine without LINK_FIRST, but
    possibly at the cost of increased cruft in the rest of the makefile
    system. (That depends on taste, I suppose.)

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