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SubjectRe: Broadcast
On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, William T Wilson wrote:

> If rwhod doesn't have an option as to which address to bind to, your only
> choice is to block its communication with ipchains.

I don't think you can specify the addresses. It looks at the interfaces
and sends to the ones that can broadcast.

I have solved it with ipchains but then rwhod fills my /var/log/messages
with lines like:

Nov 1 20:40:28 x rwhod[650]: sendto( Operation not permitted
Nov 1 20:43:28 x rwhod[650]: sendto( Operation not permitted
Nov 1 20:46:28 x rwhod[650]: sendto( Operation not permitted

It's a lot of messages...

So if you cant turn of broadcast why does ifconfig have an option that
says it turns of broadcast.

[-]broadcast [addr]
If the address argument is given, set the protocol broadcast
address for this interface. Otherwise, set (or clear) the
IFF_BROADCAST flag for the interface.

And rwhod looks at the IFF_BROADCAST flag.


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