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SubjectRe: Hard lock with Raid 0.90 on buslogic flashpoint SCSI card
----- Original Message -----
From: Jakob Østergaard <>
To: Diamon <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Sunday, October 08, 2000 10:51 AM
Subject: Re: Hard lock with Raid 0.90 on buslogic flashpoint SCSI card

> On Sat, Oct 07, 2000 at 09:00:15PM -0500, Diamon wrote:
> >
> > I hope this is going to the right list/group/etc, as I got this
> > address from someone on #kernelnewbies...
> linux-raid is better for RAID problems.

Ok, I'll refer to them for raid in the future...

> >
> > Attempting to mkraid /dev/md0 a raid5 array using a Buslogic
> > fast SCSI PCI card will always hard lock the system at exactly 2%
> > There is no oops or log, and it's a total lockup. I can't even switch
> > virtual terminals when it locks. Using an AHA-2940UW in place of the
> > buslogic works perfectly.
> Which tells us it's not a bug in the RAID layer.

Good, that makes life easier, and that's what I thought too. I'll swing
it past the folks at linux-raid in case it's a feaky buffer thing or

> >


> >
> I bet you can make your system lock up with the buslogic card just by
> normal non-RAID disk I/O as well. Try copying files between the disks, or
> something else that's disk intensive.

No luck locking it up with some Bonnie testing, and dd if=/dev/zero
of=/dev/sd<whatever> to all drives in the array simultaneously did not lock
up either, nor did Bonnie on the non-raid drive while doing the dd to the 3
in the raid.

> I don't know about special issues with the buslogic card and the kernel
> running. It could be a driver problem, a card problem, or perhaps a
> problem (this can sometimes kill the kernel because some drivers
> suck) or a disk problem (if the reconstruction halts at the exact same
> every time this could be likely).

I checked the media on all drives, no errors visible to Adaptec's bios
verify tests, and nothing on the drive's glist. If I run 'top' while it's
rebuilding, it gets farther before locking, but only 3-8% along vs 2%
without top. I'll try swapping out the cable and the card. Got extras of
those on hand.

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Please reply to me directly (and on the list if it's useful to do so) as
I'm not in the mailing list.

Thanks for your help!

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