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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ISA PnP (2.4.0-test9)
On Mon, 9 Oct 2000 12:55:28 +0200 (MEST), 
Jaroslav Kysela <> wrote:
>I fully understand your point, but I don't want to have a special
>case for ISA PnP. What about this change:
>#define MODULE_GENERIC_TABLE(gtype,name) \
>const struct gtype##_id * __module_##gtype##_table = name
>#define MODULE_GENERIC_TABLE(gtype,name) \
>const unsigned long __module_##gtype_size = sizeof(struct gtype##_id); \
>const struct gtype##_id * __module_##gtype##_table = name

Make that

#define MODULE_GENERIC_TABLE(gtype,name) \
static const unsigned long __module_##gtype##_size \
__attribute__ ((unused)) = sizeof(struct gtype##_id); \
static const struct gtype##_id * __module_##gtype##_table = name

and you've got a deal. The _size must be static to avoid name clashes
when two or more objects that use MODULE_GENERIC_TABLE(sametype,..) are
linked together. __attribute__ ((unused)) stops the compiler
complaining about unused static variables; we know that they are used
by modutils, not by the code itself.

Ideally __module_##gtype##_size would be in section .modinfo so it did
not get loaded into memory. However modutils expects all .modinfo
entries to be char[] with contents "variable=value" as a character
string. I cannot see any way for MODULE_GENERIC_TABLE(isapnp,name) to

static const char __module_isapnp_size[] \
__attribute__ ((section(".modinfo"))) = \

Interpolating gtype is easy, even into the middle of the string.
Getting the number '42' instead of 'sizeof(struct isapnp_id)' appears
to be impossible. Neither the # nor ## operators will replace a string
with its constant value. It's times like this that make me wish that C
had a decent macro preprocessor instead of a glorified string replacer.
Requiring m4 to build the kernel is not an option.

ObWarStory: ICL's assembler for George 2/3 (GIN) had brilliant macro
capabilities. All the Assembler internals were accessible to the code
that was being assembled, including functions for string and number
manipulation. You could even compile code as part of your input that
would be immediately executed as if it was the assembler itself then it
would resume assembling the main code. Sometimes newer is not better.

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