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Subject53C1010-33 Linux 2.2.17 driver
I'm still looking for a 2.2.17 driver for my Tekram DC390U3W dual channel
scsi card. I found drivers for 2.2.16 and below on the lsi and tekram
ftp-sites, but applying them causes rejects, and manually fixing the
driver makes sg going into an infinite loop during boot. My C knowledge is
very broken indeed, I think I'm getting too old for this :-)

The chipset is 53C1010-33, symbios/lsi. Backporting from 2.4 was no
success either. I could try patching the 2.2.16 source tree, and moving
files over, but I don't think thats a god solution either (it could work -
but thats it).

The sym53c8xx driver handles this card nicely in u160scsi mode using
kernel 2.4testX, but I don't want that kernel on this machine. 2.2.17 does
not detect the card, and looking at the source, the chip, nor the speeds
are not supported either.

Is there any support in 2.2.18pre maybe? I really can't check right now -
I converted from cable to ISDN/dialup a few days ago, and a already feel
my wallet shrinking at a rapid pace (bastards charge by the second).

If anyone has some info - I'm wide open :)

Andre Tomt

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