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SubjectRe: [PATCH] VM fix for 2.4.0-test9 & OOM handler
On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Rik van Riel wrote:

> On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Marco Colombo wrote:
> > On Fri, 6 Oct 2000, Rik van Riel wrote:
> >
> > [...]
> > > They are niced because the user thinks them a bit less
> > > important.
> >
> > Please don't, this assumption is quite wrong. I use nice just to
> > be 'nice' to other users. I can run my *important* CPU hog
> > simulation nice +10 in order to let other people get more CPU
> > when the need it.
> In that case the time the process has been running and the
> CPU time used will save the process if it's been running for
> a long time.
> Please read the /entire/ algorithm before making rash
> conclusions like this.

<flame level=+1>
What "conclusions"? YOU stated that "They are niced because the user
thinks them a bit less important", and I was only commenting on that.
I've never said your /entire/ algorithm is failing, the point was on
the purpose of the 'nice' level. Users don't use nice to mark less
important processes. It's completely orthogonal. And if you really
want to correlate nice level and importance, I'd rather say that
niced processes tend to be more important that "normal" processes,
on average.

> If nice is used for important, long-running tasks, the fact
> that they are long-running will save them (and be honest,
> would you really care if a simulation would be killed after
> 5 minutes? it's only inconvenient if it gets killed after
> a few hours...)

Ok. Now tell me what's the purpose to run your 'ls' at nice +5 at all.
You nice processes that are going to take a while, otherwise nicing
them has hardly a measurable effect, if any.

> > But if you put the logic "niced == not important" somewhere into
> > the kernel, nobody will use nice anymore. I'd rather give a
> > bonus to niced processes.
> This doesn't make ANY sense at all. The objective is to destroy
> the least amount of work, which means giving a bonus to processes
> which have used a lot of CPU time already ... regardless of nice
> value.

'regardless of nice value' is the part I like.

> > all. But my point here is that you do, and you take it as an hint for
> > process importance as percieved by the user that run it, and I believe
> > it's just wrong guessing).
> If you have a better algorithm, feel free to send patches.

No need. Either reverse the weight you give to nice level or just
ignore it, which probably is easier. I agree that giving a bonus to
niced processed it's nearly useless.
As I've written in my previous message, I don't think it's a big
issue. OOM should not happen, full stop. OOM killer is a last resort
measure, so it needs not to be *too* careful.

> regards,
> Rik
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> "What you're running that piece of shit Gnome?!?!"
> -- Miguel de Icaza, UKUUG 2000

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