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Subject[PATCH] ISA PnP (2.4.0-test9)

this patch contains following fixes and enhancements to export ISA
PnP IDs outside the kernel module:

* module.h - added MODULE_GENERIC_TABLE
* isapnp.h - added 'struct isapnp_device_id' for single devices
- added ISAPNP_CARD_TABLE for complex devices
* isapnp.c - fixed NULL pointer dereference in input routine
- fixed timeout (for old ALS100 card)
- added isapnp_probe_devs() and isapnp_activate_dev()
* serial.c - the ISA PnP table was updated using new structure
- the ISA PnP table is exported as well

Please, send me comments or questions directly.


Jaroslav Kysela <>
SuSE Linux
ALSA project

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