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SubjectRe: Status of IrDA in the latest kernels?
Stanislav Meduna writes:
> I am asking this because I am able to get reproducible hard
> lockups with IrCOMM using vanilla 2.4.0-test8. However,
> if I apply the patch-2.4-test6-irda3 from Dag Brattli's
> site, all works fine (well, at least what I have tested),
> so there is probably no need to report the exact data here.

Yes, IrDA in the 2.4 kernels is broken. ;(

> Dag says in the Linux-IrDA mailing list, that he sent
> the patch, but it has yet to be accepted, probably for
> size reasons. Is this on the TODO list for 2.4? Search
> for irda / ircomm in the l-k archive does not reveal
> anything relevant.

In the past, I've been sending my irda stuff (which is now a part of Dag's
patch) to Linus in small little chunks, but unfortunately it never got
accepted either for reason(s) unknown. This was back in the -test1 days.

I, too, would also like to know what, if anything, is going to happen
with IrDA. It'd be good to have IrDA working again.
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