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SubjectRE: Adding vendor drivers...

>Well, having .in and .mak files with single lines in them seems ugly
>to me. What about make dep scanning for
>/* Makefile: obj-$(CONFIG_MY_DRIVER) += mydriver.o */
>/* bool CONFIG_MY_DRIVER */
>in .c files?
> Pavel

I love this idea. Everything in one neat, drop-in package.

1. As person working for a hardware vendor, this would make
things much easier for me and my customers.

2. I think it would also make it easier to move things
around when restructuring the source directories is necessary.

3. And it might reduce the instances of a driver accidentally
being removed when a Makefile is reworked (which just happened
to a driver of ours in the 2.4.0-test kernels).

This may not be appropriate for all add-ons, but for simple drivers
like ours this would be great.

Maybe even add another tag to add the config help text.

This has my vote of support.

Paul Fulghum

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