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On Sat, Oct 07, 2000 at 02:10:31PM -0400, Mark Hahn wrote:
> > kernel proper and working. If it *IS* ready now, what sort of
> > Athlon hardware is recommended for a developmental machine?
> I HIGHLY recommend duron/thunderbird, KT133, PC133, UDMA machines;
> they work very well with modern (2.4) kernels. K6-2 machines are
> not anywhere close to the same performance, and even low-end Durons
> embarass FSB100-overclocked Celeron machines quite neatly.
> a Duron/600 makes a great development workstation;
> I haven't seen a reason to pay extra for a thunderbird.

Agreed. The only difficulty I had was while attempting to set up a recent
system was getting the ATA100 chipset to work on a Asus A7V, but all that
required was a patch with Andre's IDE patches to 2.2.17 and things the
Promise ATA100 chipset was detected fine. We're using the Via controller,
though, our disk is only a ATA33 drive.

The Durons are GREAT values, we did a few benchmarks on a Duron 600 system
vs an Athlon 700 (slot, not TBird), and in most cases it was about 10-15%
slower, but while timing how long it took to unpack the kernel sources, it
was something like 5-10% FASTER!

Now if they made Durons in the higher clock speeds, I wouldn't hesitate to
pick one of those up over a TBird, but if you want something over 700Mhz,
you're stuck.

Keep in mind that AMD will be significantly dropping prices around the end
of the month, so you may want to wait a bit before picking one up.

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